Policies and Procedures

Child Safety Initiatives

Children Across America (CAA) is committed to continuously improving robust safety policies and procedures to ensure the well-being of young people in our programs.  These measures are integral to our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment for the children under our care.​ Through our Child Safety Department, we implement comprehensive safety measures, including:


Two-Person Rule: No child is ever left alone with a staff member. All interactions with children necessitate the presence of at least two staff members.

Clothing Policy: No clothing removal is permitted.

Parental Notification: In the event of a child falling ill or having an accident, parents will be promptly notified, and only they will have the authority to address the situation.

Bathroom Escort Protocol: When accompanying a child to the bathroom, staff will first ensure the facility is unoccupied, then stand outside while the child uses it. Staff members will never enter the bathroom.

First Aid and Emergency Response: If a child sustains an injury, staff will provide basic first aid and promptly call 911 for further assistance.

Release Protocol: Children will only be released to individuals listed on their authorized contact list provided in their application.

Background Checks: All staff members undergo thorough CORI background checks.


What people say about us

My son was failing second grade. He was getting Ds and Fs in reading and math as English is not our first language. I took him to Children Across America's Summer STREAM Club and he loved it. He started understanding English and math while having fun. The new school year, he is getting Bs in both subjects and is no longer in ELL. Now he wants to be a teacher. Thank you so much for all you did and you never asked me for anything. You changed my sons life.

Isabella A.


What people say about us

I am a 1st grade teacher in town and I know when a kid has been in your summer program. They are prepared for school and way ahead of the rest of the kids. It's also very helpful that they have a new backpack with the supplies they need to start the year.

Maria P.


What people say about us

Children Across America has helped hundreds of children struggling in school to develop their English skills and improve their test grades. Their services are free, and the kids seem to enjoy the process. The staff is wonderful and very good with the children. As a parent, I appreciate their "Safe Harbor" policy, which requires at least two adults to supervise each child. This gives me peace of mind, knowing that the children's safety is their foremost concern.

Anne D.


What people say about us

I have served as the Operations Manager for Children Across America since November 2011. The organization remains true to its mission; all services are 100% volunteer-driven, and the passion exhibited toward helping children and families is tangible. Children Across America is dedicated to building literacy, promoting healthy eating habits, and raising awareness of preventative health measures. We turn our backs on no one and treat the Blackstone Valley community as family because that’s how it should be.

Renata I.

Our Programs

Building Brighter Tomorrows

Children Across America is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people across the nation through a variety of impactful programs:
  • Fostering literacy and math skills in grades K-5 through engaging and free educational initiatives.
  • Prioritizing children’s safety with comprehensive programs covering anti-bullying, bike, fire, vehicle, and water safety.
  • Ensuring access to quality healthcare for every child, believing it to be a fundamental right.
  • Promoting green education to cultivate a sustainable future for generations to come.
Parents, we invite you to explore more about our programs and enroll your children today to be a part of our vibrant community dedicated to their growth and well-being.

Together we can build a brighter future
for generations to come!