Safety Ambassador

Meet Belle

Belle isn't just any ordinary elephant. She's the radiant mascot of Children Across America, brought to life by the creative genius of CAA's very own Creative Director, Vanessa Hobson.

Belle can be spotted at ALL our events across New England, especially our Kids Safety Program gatherings. Whether it’s a community fair, school assembly, or neighborhood event, she'll be there, ready to spread joy and teach valuable safety lessons to kids of all ages.

Safety education is at the heart of what she does. You’ll often find her smiling face featured on kids’ safety coloring sheets, reminding children about the importance of staying safe in various situations. 

Introducing Kids Safety Program

Supporting Kids’ Safety: Anti-bullying, Bike, Fire, Vehicle, and Water Safety Programs.

CAA Safety Event

The Journey of Children Across America

In 2007, amidst the quiet streets of Milford, Massachusetts, a small group of six individuals gathered with a singular vision: to uplift underserved children in their community.


Together we can build a brighter future for generations to come!

With Belle leading the charge, Children Across America is on a mission to empower kids and families with the knowledge they need to stay safe and thrive. So whether you see her at an event or find her smiling face on a coloring sheet, remember that Belle is here for you, every step of the way.