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Meet Belle, Our Mascot

Meet Belle

We are happy to announce our new mascot, Belle!

Hi! My name is Belle! I am the proud new mascot of Children Across America. You will find me at ALL our events across New England, especially our Kids Safety Program events where I am the star of the show.

I was brought to life by CAA’s Creative Director, and vehicle safety is my specialty. I’ve been featured on kids safety coloring sheets and have my very own refrigerator magnets and car air fresheners that are given out to families to teach them about safety.

Explore Our Kids Safety Programs

Children Across America offers a Goodwill Branding Partnership Opportunity for companies that can help us reach more children in our community, helping them learn about fire, water, boat, bike, and anti-bullying safety. When you hand out a coloring sheet or magnet to children that enter your store, you are letting them know that you care about the community. They will be reminded of that as they hang their artwork on their refrigerator with the accompanying magnet that shows your support.

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