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Girls Love to Code

Girls Love to Code

Children Across America is excited to introduce our new Girls Love to Code program!

Girls Love to Code is a STEM program for girls in grades K-5 to learn more about coding. The program takes place on Saturday’s during the school year during the Saturday STREAM Club.

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Dates: July 10 through August 18, 2023

Time: 9:30am to 12pm

Location: First United Methodist Church
39 Exchange Street
Milford, MA 01757

Cost: FREE for kids grades K – 5
Sign-up: Click here to sign up.

Your child is welcome to attend Saturday STREAM Club and Girls Love to Code, or she can attend Girls Love to Code separately. Each program has its own sign-up form. Please use the form below for Girls Love to Code program.

Interested in sponsoring Girls Love to Code? Contact Ray Fellows, Executive Director, at 

Gender inequity in STEM education and careers not only impacts women, but also has a ripple effect across society. A lack of gender equity in STEM limits women’s earning potential, compounds shortages of technical talent, and stifles innovation. In the United States, the gender gap in STEM appears early in life, and it persistently shows up along education and career pathways with each transition diminishing the likelihood that a woman will work and thrive in a STEM field. 

Despite comparable levels of achievement in science and mathematics in K-12 education, by middle school, boys are already twice as likely to show interest in a science or engineering-related job; by college they are five times more likely to choose a STEM career path. In the STEM workplace, male-dominated company cultures, lack of women’s representation at leadership levels, and gender biases hinder the successful retention and progression of women in STEM careers. 

In recent years, the pandemic has exacerbated these trends and we have seen women in STEM fields leaving the workforce at twice the rate of women in other sectors. Additionally, women entrepreneurs face significant barriers to starting STEM focused ventures, with women in technology less likely to be awarded grants, qualify for loans or credit products, or to receive equity-based funding than their male-counterparts. In order for the STEM field to effectively design solutions for everyone, it is critical for women to figure more prominently in this landscape.

While government action and sound policies play a critical role in addressing these challenges, so does strong engagement from the public and private sector. 

  • Support K-12 educators in effectively teaching and engaging girls in STEM in classroom or afterschool settings;
  • Ensure continuity across STEM education in order to decrease successive drop-off in completion rates from K-12 through undergraduate years;
  • Create a more inclusive STEM workplace culture including through improving pay transparency, decreasing bias in hiring and promotion, introducing and upholding healthy behaviors and organizational role models, and/or bolstering wraparound supports for workers who are caregivers;
  • Enable women STEM entrepreneurs to participate and thrive in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing access to capital, resources, or network-building, or diversifying the investor landscape.
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